Amy Adams: ‘I’d be intimidated to meet Lynne Cheney’


Amy Adams reckons she’d be left feeling intimidated if she were ever to meet the real-life Lynne Cheney.

Amy takes on the role of the author and politician’s wife Lynne in new biographical drama Vice, alongside Christian Bale as her husband, and George W. Bush’s right-hand man, Dick Cheney.

The acting duo has claimed that they don’t know if Dick and Lynne have yet seen Adam McKay’s Oscar-nominated picture, and also noted that they didn’t get the chance to meet them ahead of filming.

“From all accounts, she’s (Lynne) formidable and outspoken and direct. I’m not easily intimidated but I think she would intimidate me!” Amy confessed in an interview for Britain’s Metro newspaper.
To fully tackle the role the flame-haired star had to put aside her own political opinions.

“In playing Lynne, I can’t be in an argument with my own character,” she explained. “I have to really embody her. I had to take my own politics out of it. It’s such a tricky time in politics.”

Talking about Dick and Lynne’s relationship, Amy dubbed the pair the “ultimate power couple”.
And Christian, who piled on the pounds to play the former U.S. vice president, elaborated on their dynamic.

“Within 11 years, he went from someone with no connections to Washington to being the youngest chief of staff ever. That’s a meteoric rise,” he exclaimed. “And it was all at Lynne’s urging.”
Both Amy, 44, and Christian, also 44, landed Oscars nods for their performances, with the film receiving a further six nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director.