Amy Schumer and Her Siblings to Appear on ‘Family Feud’


Amy Schumer and her siblings have taped an episode of game show Family Feud.

The Trainwreck star recruited her siblings Kim and Jason and their partners for a recent appearance on the quiz show, in which two families are pitted against each other to guess the most popular answers to everyday questions.

During an interview with host Seth Meyers on Wednesday night (01Mar17), she revealed her brother gave a really poor answer to one of the questions and they were really unimpressed.

“One person always blows it,” she said. “It will be like some question like, ‘Favorite place to watch a movie?’ and they’re like ‘Microwave!’ and no matter what, the family goes ‘Good answer, good answer’ even if it’s the dumbest thing.

“My brother had an answer and we were all kinda like ‘What’s your problem, bro? That was dumb!’… It changed the dynamic of my family.”

Despite her brother failing them on one round, Amy loved the experience, calling the taping “the best day of my life.”

For their appearance, which is due to air in June (17), the five piece got matching jackets with “Let’s Play The Feud” emblazoned on the back because they “don’t mess around”.

They all wanted to win but in the weeks before the filming, Kim, who works on Inside Amy Schumer with her sister, was very focused on the preparation.

“Everybody was so into it, I didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm,” Amy explained. “My sister was so serious about it, you know, we were all excited, ‘It’s going to be fun’, and she’s like, ‘We’re wasting time, we could be practicing right now.’ She’s nuts.”

The 35-year-old appeared on the chat show to promote her Netflix stand-up special, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, which is released on 7 March (17).

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