Amy Schumer celebrates first wedding anniversary with Chris Fischer


Amy Schumer is celebrating her first wedding anniversary with her chef husband, Chris Fischer.

The Trainwreck star surprised fans – and even some of her close friends and family – when she wed the 39-year-old after a whirlwind romance.

Amy, who is heavily pregnant with the couple’s first child, took to Instagram to commemorate the romantic milestone.

Posting a snap showing the couple laid on the floor with their dog Tati, she wrote, “These clowns have been married one year today and are very happy about that.”

Amy wed Chris in a surprise ceremony held in Malibu, California on 13 February 2018, and in a video from the big day shared by the 37-year-old on Instagram, the couple sweetly described their love for each other as they officially became man and wife.

“I love you, Amy, you bring happiness and joy to every part of my life, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you with every piece of my heart,” Chris gushed.

While Amy went on to explain why she was desperate to get married after a three-month courtship.

“People are wondering why the rush, why so fast, and it’s because I truly cannot wait another second to be your wife,” she shared, before stating, “I love you.”

She also cheekily told an X-rated joke about performing a sex act on her husband.

“I said I promise to do my best to continue to go down on you even though everyone says I won’t,” the comedienne revealed on The Howard Stern Show. “I just thought, ‘Let’s really vow what’s at stake here, you know?’ You got to keep f**king. It’s not been a problem.”

Amy and Chris announced in October that they were expecting their first child.