Andrea Riseborough put off blockbusters after making Tom Cruise’s Oblivion


Andrea Riseborough never wants to make another blockbuster following “bad experiences” filming Tom Cruise movie Oblivion.

In a new interview, The Battle of the Sexes star has described how she felt isolated on the set of the 2013 film and worried about her body, as there was a constant debate over whether she was the right shape for her role as a communications officer and romantic partner of Tom’s hero.

Oblivion was a bad experience for me,” she told British newspaper The Times. “It was hard because it was quite an isolated experience. There were only two ladies on set and a small female presence on the crew.

“There was quite a lot of talk about whether my body was the right size or not – too big or too small, not muscly or long enough. I can almost laugh at things like that now but at the time it was very lonely.”

Andrea, 36, added that the experience taught her how to “take care” of herself on set and talk to people about her problems – but she had another rough experience on a different movie when the script was changed without her approval to diminish her character’s role.

Her negative feelings about the two films have left the actress, who now produces female-led movies through her Mother Sucker production firm, vowing never to sign up to star in a blockbuster again.
“I think that (making another big-budget studio movie) would kill me,” she insisted. “I am up for really anything in the fight for the ovary but I do think it would f**king kill me. I don’t know if I could deal with the misogyny.”

The British star got her big break in Hollywood starring in Madonna’s critically derided 2011 movie about the life of Wallis Simpson, W.E., and although the film was a flop, she learned a lot from the popstar-turned-director.

“When I first met M (Madonna) I was in awe of just how ‘woman’ she is,” Andrea explained. “So powerful. And that gave me a lot of confidence in myself. She was a really good example for me of someone who just owned being a woman on a really basic level that I couldn’t do for a long time.”