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Andrew Garfield is a newcomer to Netflix and chill

Andrew Garfield has only just started watching Netflix.
Despite being home to many of his films, including both instalments of The Amazing Spider-Man, and original hit shows like Stranger Things and Better Call Saul, Andrew is fairly new to the Netflix game.
And one of the first things he binged on was gripping British BBC drama Doctor Foster, about a woman who finds out her husband is cheating with a much younger woman.
“I like watching TV on Netflix and all that,” he told WENN/Cover Media. “I’ve just started doing that this year, I’ve just been watching Doctor Foster. Doctor Foster’s great.
“But then yeah I’m totally with Andy (Serkis). I think the good thing is we’re always going to need this (cinema), we’re always going to need to be dark rooms together, watching something that unites us. I think that’s always going to be the case. We’re always going to come back to it, whether it’s theatre or film.”
Andrew stars in Andy’s directorial debut Breathe, which tells the true story of how polio sufferer Robin Cavendish overcame the medical difficulties he was faced with in the ’60s to lead a fulfilling life despite being paralysed from the neck down.
The two stars were asked their opinions on watching films at the cinema versus at home through Netflix.
“Personally I’m all up for a shared experience,” Andy commented. “I think going through the catharsis of watching a film with lots of other people is a very healing, wonderful, beautiful thing to do. And in a world where we tend to feel more and more alienated, I think the cinema experience, or the shared experience, of any kind is the way to go. So I’m in the cinema camp.”

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