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Andrew Lincoln pranks Norman Reedus with New York Comic-Con note

Actor Norman Reedus was forced to give away his hat at New York Comic-Con on Saturday (08Oct16) as part of a prank by his The Walking Dead castmate Andrew Lincoln.
The two pals are known for playing cheeky tricks on one another both on and off the set of the zombie drama, and Lincoln continued the jokes at the weekend’s The Walking Dead panel.
The Brit was unable to attend the cast gathering, but he sent in a note for Reedus to read aloud to fans.
“Dear New York Comic-Con…” began the letter. “I’m truly sorry not to be with you all today, but to make up for it, Normskie has promised to read word for word this message on my behalf.”
The note included making Reedus say sorry to Lincoln for “all the pain and humiliation” he has caused his co-star over the years.
“The chicken in his trailer… the ongoing glitter war was quite simply unprofessional,” Reedus continued in the forced apology. “I admire him deeply. I secretly wish I was him. When he’s not here I miss him. I really do.”
Lincoln then offered up a piece of Reedus’ clothing for a prize to whoever could correctly answer a Walking Dead trivia question: “I thought it would be nice to do something for the fans to make up for my absence, so Normskie will ask a question and the first person to get it right gets to choose any item of clothing he’s currently wearing.”
A disgruntled Reedus twisted the rules and reluctantly agreed to give away his cap, but moaned, “I really like that hat, too.”
He then shared the crazy prank Lincoln last pulled on his pal, and vowed to get his own back.
“We’ve always screwed with each other,” Reedus said. “The last thing that happened, he put my motorcycle out on a boat and pushed it out to the middle of a lake with a sex doll sitting on top of it. So he’s due. It gets pretty heavy. We all goof around on set when we can.”

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