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Andy Dick: ‘I consider suicide daily’

Andy Dick has confessed he considers suicide every day after he was kicked off two movies in as many weeks for sexually harassing cast and crew.
The producers of Vampire Dad and Raising Buchanan fired the zany funnyman after co-workers complained about his inappropriate behaviour on set and when he was caught on camera by TMZ on Thursday night (02Nov17), he appeared defiant and sad.
Clearly intoxicated, the actor told the reporter, “I’m considering suicide every day… Boo f**king hoo!”
He also called the reporter a “dumba**” and threatened to lick her face – the very thing that got him ejected from his most recent movie jobs.
“I licked Carrie Fisher’s face,” he said. “She loved it. And now she’s dead. I’ll lick your face and you’ll be dead… I’ll grope you if you don’t stop.”
He also angrily defended himself, insisting he had done nothing wrong, adding, “What would I feel guilty for? What did I do wrong? Nothing. There are creeps and predators out there… and it ain’t me… I didn’t do anything wrong.”
Dick also offered up support to Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey who, like him, have been accused of sexual harassment.
The actor told TMZ, “They probably were like me and just trying to get a date.”

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