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Andy Dick was let go from two films in two weeks

Comedian Andy Dick’s firing from independent movie Raising Buchanan was the second film he had been released from in as many weeks.
The embattled funnyman, who has struggled with addiction issues, hit headlines on Tuesday (31Oct17) when it was revealed he had been dropped from the cast of Raising Buchanan in early October (17) amid allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour on set.
Now director Frankie Ingrassia has revealed she recently had to terminate her contract with Dick after he was accused of sexual misconduct hours into his first day on her comedy, Vampire Dad, on 18 October (17).
The filmmaker only agreed to hire Dick on the condition that he would be clean and sober, and although he seemed to be ready to work upon his arrival, Ingrassia claims that quickly changed as members of the cast and crew made complaints against the actor about unwelcome advances.
“We were promised that he would be delivered sober,” Ingrassia told TheWrap. “He was sober upon arrival. As soon as we heard about the misconduct, I told my first AD (assistant director) to get him off set.
“In fact, they removed him so quickly we let him keep the wardrobe. He was literally pushed off set. It is literally inexcusable what he did. It was a zero-tolerance situation. The minute we heard something, he was gone.”
Ingrassia claims Dick appeared to be under the influence later on in the day, something the actor confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, admitting, “(I) took too many Xanax (sedatives) and I was a bit loopy (on set).”
Vampire Dad producer Kathryn Moseley, who co-wrote the script with Ingrassia, insists they knew it was a risk hiring Dick due to his much-publicised past troubles, but they were willing to give him a second chance.
However, Moseley insists he wouldn’t have even been offered a gig had they been made aware about the incident on the Raising Buchanan set.
“If I had known about the incident earlier in October in Arizona, we would have never hired him,” she stated.

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