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Angus T. Jones: ‘God told me to get it together’

The 19-year-old star has hit headlines for publicly trashing his hit sitcom Two And A Half Men in a taped rant, which emerged online on Monday (26Nov12).

In the bizarre footage, posted by the Forerunner Christian Church, Jones insists the show is full of “filth” and pleads with fans to quit watching for their own good.

The teen also reveals he was inspired to seek out the Seventh-day Adventist movement in Los Angeles after receiving a message from a higher power.

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He explains, “God told me personally that he wanted me to get it together… and I started to really get into reading the Bible and started to look for a church… with an all-black congregation. I was looking for a black gospel theme.

“A friend of a friend, whose name is Moses, told me about this church, and the first day I went there… the message the pastor was preaching that day was tailor made for me – everything about the message was me.”

It is unclear if Angus, who earns a reported $350,000 (£218,750) per episode, will leave the cast after his controversial remarks.

According to TMZ.com, a show rehearsal is scheduled for Tuesday (27Nov12) in L.A.

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