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Anita Baker intrigued by Andre 3000’s T-shirt pitch

R&B icon Anita Baker has reached out to Andre 3000 online after he voiced his desire to launch a line of T-shirts bearing her image.
The OutKast star recently showed off some of his fashion ideas for the potential merchandise collection in a photoshoot for GQ Style magazine, and in the accompanying interview, the rapper revealed the idea came to him after he was left disappointed by the quality of some “bootleg” Baker shirts he had purchased online.
“I was going through an Anita Baker phase, and I started trying to buy a T-shirt,” he recalled. “So I go on the Internet and I find this site that had shirts with photos of Anita on them. So I bought two or three of them. Then when I got ’em in the mail, they were like – the part of the shirt where the picture was printed on there was so hard (sic)… It feels like this big piece of wood on your chest. So it’s like, ‘Man, this clearly has to be bootleg.’ I felt bad about it, because it’s like, I know Anita ain’t got s**t to do with these shirts (sic).”
The incident inspired Andre to start drafting designs for his dream collection of Anita Baker T-shirts, which he planned to one day present to the Sweet Love singer herself as a business idea to help continue her legacy.
“Maybe she needs some merch,” he mused. “I just want it to come from an angle of, like, ‘Anita, we love you’ instead of ‘Anita, we’re trying to put out a line.’ And to be honest, if I was her manager, or her nephew, I’d be like, ‘Auntie, you gotta do this.'”
Baker, 59, heard all about Andre’s idea and has since taken to Twitter to suggest they get together and discuss it further.
Indicating she had read the whole GQ Style interview, in which the Hey Ya! hitmaker also touched on being inspired by younger artists after losing his passion for rap, she wrote, “Ur an artist we isolate S’times, become solitary & Yes, its true the Artistry of Others pull us out (sic). I know. I understand. We’ll talk”.
She signed off with her initials and an “XO” to show her affection for Andre.
The hip-hop star has yet to respond to her tweet.

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