Anjelica Huston backs New York fur ban proposal


Former fur wearer Anjelica Huston is backing a proposed ban on fur sales in New York.

The Addams Family actress has thrown her support behind bills introduced in the New York City Council and in New York’s state Legislature to ban the sale of fur – following bans in other U.S. cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Writing an opinion piece for New York Daily News, Anjelica revealed that she’s ashamed of her past penchant for fur, but is now keen to educate others about why it should be banned.

“If you Google “Anjelica Huston fur,” you’ll find images of me in a variety of pelts. I thought they were a symbol of glamour and affluence,” she wrote.

“There are photos of me at awards shows in a white fox cape and a stole made from dozens of minks. This was decades before I learned that these animals are trapped, gassed, drowned, and even skinned alive. Lately, however, there are more recent images of me at PETA’s office cutting up these old furs to be used as bedding for orphaned wildlife. But I still feel shame for having supported the fur trade for so many years.”

She goes on to cite the big name fashion labels, like Versace, Chanel and Gucci, who have all pledged to drop fur.

Stating that a ban is the “is the only way to get at the root cause of such unlawful and unethical behaviour,” she added in details of how animals are killed for their coats.

“Few people who buy these items (with coyote trim) seem to know that wild coyotes are caught in steel traps. Some suffer for days in excruciating pain before trappers return to bludgeon them to death,” she stated. “Because traps don’t discriminate, other wild animals – as well as family dogs and cats – are often caught by mistake. In some instances, mothers with cubs have even been known to chew off their own legs to escape.

“Mink farmers have been caught injecting the animals with weed killer as well as breaking their necks and tossing them into a squirming pile. This is a sadistic shadow industry operating without oversight.”