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Ann Wilson: ‘My sister and I will regroup but Heart will never be the same’

Heart star Ann Wilson fears the dynamic of the band she formed with sister Nancy will never be the same following a nasty family squabble.
Ann’s husband, Dean Wetter, was charged with assaulting his twin teenage nephews – Nancy’s kids Curtis and William Crowe – backstage at a Heart show in Auburn, Washington in August (16).
According to court documents, the incident began as a verbal argument but escalated quickly when Wetter “flew into a rage” and “slapped and punched the first boy in the back of the head before grabbing him by the neck.”
It continues, “When the boy’s brother intervened, the defendant wrapped his hand around the boy’s neck and strangled him, cutting off his breathing to the point where he thought he was going to die.”
The incident happened in front of three witnesses and Wetter immediately confessed his wrongdoings to the police, admitting he shouldn’t have touched the boys.
Ann feels confident that she and her sister will be able to put the drama behind them for the sake of their band, but she knows things will be very different offstage.
“Heart’s always been sort of like a cockroach,” Wilson tells Yahoo! Music. “You can set off a bomb, and it’ll still be alive underneath.”
Ann suggests counselling would be a good way for the sisters to bond again as the Wilsons work on “our friendship and sisterhood”, adding, “The band, that’s something else again. That’ll come and go and evolve and shape. But we’ll be sisters long after everything else is gone. So we’re working on our own relationship right now… Talking, letting water run under the bridge. Just cool down… It’s never going to be like it was before.”
Nancy previously described the remainder of last year’s Heart tour following the assault incident as “excruciating”, and Ann recently told Rolling Stone that she and her sister have stopped speaking and only communicate via text.

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