Anna Kendrick Filmed Pitch Perfect 2 in Hardcore Twilight Fan’s House

Twilight actress Anna Kendrick had to film in the house of a hardcore fan of the vampire franchise while shooting Pitch Perfect 2.

Anna Kendrick
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The Oscar nominee appears as Kristen Stewart’s onscreen classmate in the blockbuster movies, and she had a first-hand experience with a dedicated Twilight fan when she filmed the sequel to Pitch Perfect in Louisiana last year (14).

In an interview with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday (12May15), Kendrick explained that they took over a family’s house, and used the daughter’s bedroom as a “green room” for actors to wait while the crew was setting up the shots.

Kendrick recalled, “We showed up to this really nice house… and I was like, ‘I’m gonna die in this room’, because all four walls were wallpapered with Twilight stuff and it made me a little nervous… I would like to say, I’m not putting her on blast, and like she pointed out to her mum, she said, ‘I could be on drugs, but I just like Twilight.’

“Twilight, Pitch Perfect, as long as I’m in it, plaster your walls. Live your life. I will say she was very normal considering how jarring the room actually was. And there were actually very few pictures of me which was good.”