Anna Kendrick frustrated at wholesome typecasting


Anna Kendrick is frustrated that she’s almost always offered roles as wholesome characters – when in real life she is anything but.

The 33-year-old actress’ appearances in the Twilight and Pitch Perfect franchises have earned her a reputation as a dependable star of family-friendly films.
But Anna is adamant that off screen you’re more likely to find her drinking and cursing than being perky and caring.

“All my friends know me,” she told Total Film magazine. “I can’t get through a serious conversation without making an inappropriate joke. I drink all the time. I curse all the time. I have no interest in children. So when people are like, ‘You’re perfect to play this upbeat, doesn’t curse, doesn’t drink mommy blogger who is obsessed with her kids, I’m like, ‘What? What the f**k are you talking about?'”

The opportunity to unleash her naughty side is one reason she’s delighted to have been cast alongside Blake Lively in A Simple Favor – a new thriller in which she plays Stephanie, a motherhood blogger whose outward friendliness masks a dark past.

Explaining her character, Anna said: “She’s got a lot of issues… guilt about stuff she’s done in her youth. She is trying hard to plaster on a smile and a can-do attitude that says, ‘I’ve never done anything wrong in my life!’ The cracks start to show as the movie goes on.”

In the movie, Blake plays Stephanie’s best friend Emily, a potty-mouthed publicist who disappears – prompting the blogger to hunt for her.

Anna added that she was pleasantly surprised to find the Gossip Girl star shared her dark sense of humour when she previously met her after working with Blake’s husband Ryan Reynolds.

“I just thought she was so, so, sweet,” the actress said. “And it was really fun to get to know her a little better and see the kind of funny dark side of her. I was a little worried about her being such a sweetheart that I would be offending her left and right.”

A Simple Favor hits in cinemas from 13 September (18).