Anna Kendrick: ‘Twilight’ Was The Weirdest Set I’ve Ever Been On

Anna Kendrick, Late Night With Seth Meyers

Anna Kendrick has devoted a chapter in her upcoming book to The Twilight Saga franchise because it was “the weirdest set” she’s ever experienced.

The Pitch Perfect actress played Bella Swan’s best friend Jessica alongside Kristen Stewart in the vampire fantasy series between 2008 and 2011, and although she didn’t spend much time shooting the movies, it has provided her with plenty of funny anecdotes, which she is set to share in her upcoming autobiography Scrappy Little Nobody.

“They are just rife with stories. It was the weirdest set I’ve ever been on,” Anna said during an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night (21Jun16). “I ended up devoting, because stories just kept coming out, an entire chapter to just Twilight.”

She then retold her “favourite day of filming a movie maybe ever” when she was flown down to Baton Rouge in Louisiana for one day to play a corpse for a dream sequence in which Kristen’s character Bella imagines everyone is dead.

“All of these characters were in white and we got in this line and there’s this guy that’s like the fake blood guy,” she described. “He’s got this hose that looks like a plant mister and there’s this line of characters, like we’re at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), so normal and casual.”

“Each one of us getting lined up and getting sprayed down with fake blood by this mister and then climbing on top of a pile and laying there with our eyes open… I was like ‘oooh, this is my job!'”


The autobiography is set for release in November (16) and will contain funny stories on a variety of topics, both personal and professional. She told Seth her editor suggested she added more depth to the book but she wasn’t so keen, joking, “If I had any I would.”

During the interview, she also recalled her recent press tour with Trolls co-star Justin Timberlake, and how she realised she wasn’t famous in his presence.

“He is SO famous… I could tell every interviewer was like, ‘We gotta throw her one question’ and then they’re like, ‘Justin, what about your baby? What about the music? What about NSYNC? What about the ramen noodles in your hair, have you seen that meme?’ I was like ‘I’m not a celebrity.'”