Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter still in touch with Howard K. Stern

The man who tried to take tragic Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter from her biological dad is still in her life.
Little Dannielynn Birkhead has just turned 10 and has little knowledge about the tug of love between her father, Larry Birkhead, and her late mum’s lawyer and friend, Howard K. Stern, following Anna Nicole’s death in February, 2007.
The two rivals fought to prove they were the little girl’s father with Birkhead eventually winning in court.
But Larry Birkhead holds no grudges and is still “friendly” with the man who tried to take away his little girl.
“She (Dannielynn) does know Howard; she knows that he was mum’s friend,” Larry tells Access Hollywood Live. “Beyond that, he and I are friendly and we work together on estate things all the time… and he’s been really supportive.
“I think people think that because of all the craziness that went down… that he and I are arch-rivals… I was just looking out for my daughter, so to have any grudges beyond that would mean there were some other intention on my behalf.”
Photographer Birkhead is planning to return to the Bahamas, where Anna Nicole is buried, to visit her grave on the 10th anniversary of her death next year (17).
He reveals that he and his daughter go there every year and usually close out a vacation by visiting Anna Nicole’s final resting place: “It’s one of those things we do at the end of the trips, because I don’t put a lot of pressure on her (Dannielynn), but as she gets older it’s something she kinda understands.”