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Annie Lennox full of praise for ‘colourful’ Bowie

Annie Lennox has credited David Bowie with adding colour to fans’ lives with his unique performances.
David, one of the most influential musicians of his era, died in January (16) following an 18-month battle with cancer. In an interview with the U.K.’s Evening Standard, Eurythmics singer Annie reflected on David’s life.
“His work has shaped many of us,” the Scottish-born singer sighed, adding, “He put colour in our lives.”
The pair had previously worked together, performing Under Pressure at the 1992 tribute concert for Freddie Mercury who had passed away the year before. David and Freddie’s band Queen had originally released the hit in the ’80s.
Annie is particularly impressed by Blackstar, David’s final album, which had been released on his 69th birthday and just two days prior to his passing.
“To think he knew that he was terminally ill and then in his last months he created this powerful piece of work visually and musically that took that medium into a whole new realm…” she said.
Annie believes David stepped beyond the realms of popular culture and redefined it during his career. The 61-year-old also agrees with the general consensus that David’s death was so shocking as he seemed invincible.
“I knew Bowie to be a person but for everyone else he’s a vision, a sound, a performer,” she smiled. “His work is his projection. The person that is the core of the projection is gone but the projection lives on, and it will go on for as long as the Earth spins.”
On the subject of her own career, the Sweet Dreams singer has clarified comments that she is no long writing music because she is too happy. Although there is some truth to this, as she does associate penning a track to “inner melancholia”.
“If you read the lyrics of Eurythmics songs or my own, they’re not happy-bunny songs at all,” she pointed out.
The singer also touched on the state of today’s music industry, branding it too corporate.

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