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Annie Lennox no longer feels the need to write songs

Annie Lennox no longer feels the desire to write songs.
The 62-year-old star, who soared to fame as part of synth-pop duo the Eurythmics, last penned an original track in 2010, with the tune Universal Child featuring on her album A Christmas Cornucopia that same year.
Her lyrics have won her more Brit Awards than any other female musician in history, but it seems Annie has lost the desire she once had.
“It’s a strange thing – writing songs was the main focus of my life but I don’t feel like I want to write songs anymore,” she told The Independent newspaper.
“Are there any songs that have actually inspired people into action? People write and sing about injustice. Music does shed a light on emotions and injustices, yet at the same time, when it comes to actual change, we must take more steps than just singing.”
Reflecting on her career with musical partner and Eurythmics co-member Dave Stewart, Annie recalled at the core of their songwriting was to create tracks that had value and meaning to those listening. And the effort they put into their words and melodies certainly paid off, as the star added, “Now if I meet people in the street now they say things like, ‘Wow I grew up with your music’. I don’t know them but they know me through music. It’s very interesting to me. It clearly worked.”
Fans can hear Annie look back on her 40 years in the business further when she takes to the stage at London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre next March (18) for Annie Lennox – An Evening of Music and Conversation. She’ll also perform an array of famous songs for the intimate crowd of less than 2,000 people, including Here Comes the Rain Again and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).
All proceeds from the event will go towards her charity The Circle, which helps support girls and women around the world dealing with disempowerment.

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