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Another burglary at Hamlin/Rinna store

The pair’s Belle Gray store was hit by thieves early on Monday morning (11Oct10), while Rinna and Hamlin were taping interviews to promote their new reality TV show just three miles away.

Burglars who broke into the shop last week (beg04Oct10) made off with $100,000 (£66,600)-worth of clothing and accessories.

A surveillance tape of Monday’s break-in has already been seized by cops investigating the robberies.

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Website TMZ.com has obtained the footage, which shows an intruder pulling up outside the store in a white pick-up truck. He used a crowbar to open the back door.

Hamlin, who insists neither of the break-ins are publicity stunts, reveals purses and jewellery were taken in Monday morning’s raid.

Police believe the two burglaries may be connected.

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