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Anthony Hopkins gave up on retirement

The 74 year old took a career break several years ago but it didn’t last long and he has ended up busier than ever with roles in the Thor superhero franchise and as Sir Alfred Hitchcock in a new film about the legendary director.

Hopkins reveals he is now determined to work for as long as possible as he is convinced acting will keep him healthy.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t ever want to retire. I did a few years ago. I didn’t actually plan it, but I thought, ‘Maybe I should just slow down and call it a day.’ My wife said to me, ‘You do that, you will die. You can’t retire. It’s your work, it’s your life. You love working.’

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“When men retire – particularly men – if they get out too early, they usually die of stress or loneliness or they drink too much or their hearts give out. I think a certain amount of stress in life is good. The stress of just working, which takes effort – I think it keeps you going.”

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