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Anthony Mackie: ‘Lionel Richie got me girls in high school’

Actor Anthony Mackie was a high school Lothario thanks to Lionel Richie lyrics.
The 37-year-old has won a legion of female fans with his role as Sam Wilson/Falcon in Marvel’s Avengers franchise, but his luck with the ladies began back in his high school days, long before he was famous, and he has legendary singer Lionel Richie to thank.
“You can’t get a girl with Lionel Richie? You a loser,” the movie hunk quipped to aintitcool.com. “All of my high school years, every time I wrote a girl a note, it was literally sixteen bars of Lionel Richie and then I would sign it ‘Anthony Mackie.’ She would be, ‘Oh, my God. You’re such a poet.’ I said, ‘I know, baby. I know. So cultured. I’m a poet. I’m just a renaissance man in my heart. I can build shelves and I can write poetry.'”
Anthony is now happily married to wife Sheletta and together, they have three children, but the Easy crooner still has a huge place in his heart as the greatest songwriter of all time.
In fact, the actor has tried to impart some of his musical tastes on his Captain America: Civil War co-star Chris Evans – with little success.
“I never was on my couch and was like, ‘Man! Barry Manilow made me cry!’ Never happened,” he explained. “Lionel Richie. Earth, Wind & Fire. That’s it. But he (Chris) don’t believe that! And it confuses the s**t outta me! How do you…? It’s Lionel Richie. I guarantee you, I put on Say You Say Me you’re going to say, ‘Damn. I need to text her right now.’ I guarantee you! If I put on Dancing On The Ceiling you’re going to go, ‘S**t. Ugggggghhh.’ Because all you’re going to want to do is ‘Whooo!’ F**k that. Lionel Richie.”

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