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Anthrax want to be Lady Gaga’s backing band

Anthrax have offered to hit the road as Lady Gaga’s backing band after watching her front Metallica at the Grammy Awards.
The Poker Face singer joined Metallica for a performance of their song Moth Into Flame at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and it was enough to convince guitarist Ian that she should have a heavy rock act behind her at all times.
“We would love to work with Lady Gaga,” he tells Duke TV’s Antoine De Montremy. “I think we put that out there a while ago and then when we found out she was doing the Grammys with Metallica. I was, like, ‘Wow! It makes sense. They’re gonna be on a big TV show and do it together’. I actually thought she was great on it.
“I’ve said since the beginning, since the first time I ever heard her voice, I always thought, ‘Wow, I would really love to hear her sing on a rock record, metal record, whatever’, and then our drummer, Charlie (Benante), ended up meeting her at a show and they became friends.
“She knows all about Anthrax and Metallica and all these bands… She’s a metalhead. So that made it even cooler… She understands that world, and she can sing the s**t out of this kind of music.”
Ian adds, “I don’t know what their plans are… but we would certainly love to write a song together, or a whole album. Let us be your backing band, Lady Gaga. We could make beautiful music together.”
Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has also expressed an interest in doing more with Gaga, insisting she has become an honorary member of the band after her Grammys performance, and Judas Priest star Rob Halford is keen to land a collaboration.
“I got to see her show in San Diego (in 2014), and she’s a metalhead…,” he said. “We met, and we only talked briefly, but if there’s a chance to do a track or something, I would love it. Collaborations can be very, very exciting and very spontaneous.”

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