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Antonio Banderas poster hangs above Kristen Bell’s bed

Actress Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard have a sexy poster of Antonio Banderas above their bed.
Dax spotted a picture of the Spanish hunk hanging in his wife’s closet during a recent trip back to her childhood home in Michigan and told the couple’s pals about his discovery.
They thought it was hilarious and, as a birthday prank, they stuck a poster of The Mask of Zorro star above the couple’s bed – and it’s still there.
The Frozen star tells U.S. show The Talk, “We’ve just never taken it down. We often lay in bed and look up at it and we argue about who he’s looking at.
“Dax says this is one of the most successful posters of all time… and no matter where you are in the room, Tony B has got you on lock… We’ve even switched sides.”

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