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Armie Hammer barbecued pig bought from Birth of a Nation extra

Actor Armie Hammer served up a feast for his Birth of a Nation cast and crew by grilling a pig he bought from an extra.
The Social Network star plays a slave master in the new drama, which chronicles the real-life story of former slave Nat Turner, who led a liberation movement in 1831 to free African-Americans in Virginia.
Director and star Nate Parker wanted to use an extra’s pet pig in one scene for the film, but the hog was huge and ended up not being used on camera.
However, the pig’s owner no longer wanted to take care of the porker – and decided to offload it to Hammer, who had offered to take it off his hands.
“I actually bought a pig from one of the extras,” Armie said on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. “This guy is supposed to bring a pig and he brings this hog, and it’s enormous, it’s almost as tall as I am! Nate looks at it and goes, ‘This makes me really nervous. We let this thing off its leash, if it runs wild, we’re not gonna be able to get this thing. And also, it’s bigger than pigs were back then.’ And the guy was like, ‘Ah man, I don’t even really want this pig, I was just bringing it for this. I guess I gotta drive it all the way home now.'”
Armie ended up giving the extra double the $150 (£120) he had asked for, and the actor decided to send the pig to the slaughterhouse, so he and his fellow cast and crew members could enjoy a nice dinner.
He added, “We had it for a little bit, and then I cooked it for the whole crew. We had a big barbecue!”

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