Armie Hammer runs restaurant as waiter dashes to Halle Berry’s house


Armie Hammer had a weird, only-in-Hollywood dinner experience on Wednesday night (21Mar18) when he was asked to run a restaurant while a waiter delivered food to Halle Berry.

The Call Me By Your Name star was one of only a few diners enjoying a meal at a small, ritzy Los Angeles eatery when he was asked to hold down the place as the only waiter on duty made a house call.

Live tweeting his bizarre night out for the amusement of his 142,000 followers, Hammer wrote: “Sitting down at a small restaurant for a bite to eat when the waiter (and only front of house staffer) comes running up to my table with a huge smile, ‘I’m sorry! Halle Berry just called and wants delivery… can you watch the place while I’m gone??’ #LAproblems.”

Armie quickly realized he wasn’t being pranked when the phone started ringing – and no one answered.

“The phone is ringing… what do I do??” he asked fans, before revealing the waiter had returned: “Ok… he’s back. And smiling. I guess it went well.”

But the actor’s bizarre night out didn’t end there: “A dude just came in and sat down next to me, it’s just the two of us (in) here, and ordered the same exact order I did (which is specific),” he tweeted. “What the f**k is going on in this place??”