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Arnold Schwarzenegger consoles ‘winner’ Sylvester Stallone after Oscar loss

Arnold Schwarzenegger consoled his friend and fellow actor Sylvester Stallone after he missed out on Oscars glory.
Arnold, 68, posted a message of support on his Twitter page after the veteran action-man failed to clinch the award for Best Supporting Actor at Sunday’s (10 February15) Academy Awards ceremony.
Sylvester, 69, was nominated for his role as ageing boxer Rocky Balboa in Creed, a sequel to the Rocky films which first made him a household name 39 years ago.
After losing out to British actor Mark Rylance for his portrayal of a Soviet spy in Steven Spielberg drama Bridge of Spies, Sylvester was visibly disappointed.
But his Expendables co-star Arnold was on hand to offer commiserations. “To me, you’re the best, no matter what they say,’ he tweeted in a video posted on Twitter.com.
In the clip, Arnie adds: “Sly, just remember, no matter what they say, to me, you were the best. You were the winner.
I’m proud of you.”
It was a touching exchange between the former action star rivals who first met in 1977 at the 34th Golden Globes ceremony, where they both picked up awards, but failed to hit it off.
Competing for similar tough-guy roles throughout the 80s, the pair famously played up to their rivalry, with Sylvester once remarking:“It got to the point where we stopped talking to each other and couldn’t be in the same room.”
But since both starred in The Expendables in 2010 the two are firm friends and regularly spotted hanging out together.
Fans were hopeful that Sylvester, who was nominated for Best Actor in 1977 film Rocky, would take home the trophy after collecting both a Golden Globe and Critics Choice award for his sensitive portrayal of an ailing Rocky.
Arnold was among them, and previously tweeted: “Sly congratulations on the Golden Globe. Outstanding performance. Best supporting actor and I know you’re going to win also at the Oscars. Trust me.”

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