Arnold Schwarzenegger feels his age on movie set

The former California Governor returned to Hollywood to front an action movie when he signed up for The Last Stand with Johnny Knoxville as a sidekick, and he admits it was hard work at times.

Arnie tells WENN, “I cannot tell you about ageing because it sucks! We all go through the same traumas and look in the mirror and say, ‘What happened?’ When you’re 65, it’s different than when you’re 35. I once had muscles and slowly they’re deteriorating, so it’s all that.

“But the great thing is if you do work out every day you stay in shape. This movie required a lot of stunts and a lot of physical work. Only when it got really dangerous where you could be killed the stunt guys would take over. That was the rule.”

But he’s still having fun on set: “My favourite thing was the car chase, driving fast 80 miles an hour through a cornfield – you don’t know where you’re going and could wind up in a ditch. We had to be very careful not to wipe it out the first two days. It was so much fun hearing the stunt co-ordinator screaming at you, ‘Faster, faster! Now bang into the car next to you!’ It was a great thrill.

“I had to live 65 years to get a chance to drive through a cornfield!”