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Arnold Schwarzenegger fought with James Cameron over The Terminator line

The action man has become intrinsically linked to the words “I’ll be back” ever since he uttered them in the hit 1984 sci-fi film, and the line was recently voted the best movie catchphrase of all time in a poll by Sky’s film streaming service Now TV.

However, Schwarzenegger has now revealed he wanted to change the line to make it sound more “rugged” and he argued his point with director Cameron.

In his new autobiography, Total Recall, he writes, “Our biggest disagreement was about ‘I’ll be back’. I was arguing for ‘I will be back’. I felt that the line would sound more machine-like and menacing without the contraction.

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“It’s feminine when you say the I’ll, I complained, repeating it for Jim so he could hear the problem. ‘I’ll I’ll I’ll. It doesn’t feel rugged to me.’ He looked at me like I’d lost my mind. ‘Let’s stick with I’ll,’ he said. But I wasn’t ready to let it go, and we went back and forth. Finally Jim yelled, ‘Look, just trust me, OK? I don’t tell you how to act, and you don’t tell me how to write.’

“And we shot it as written in the script. The truth was that, even after all these years of speaking English, I still didn’t understand contractions.”

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