Arnold Schwarzenegger joins ‘Wonders of the Sea 3D’ Documentary as Producer and Narrator


Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to produce and narrate the documentary Wonders Of The Sea 3D.

The Terminator star will produce the feature, alongside Francois Mantell, and he will also be featured in the beginning of the film.

Wonders of the Sea 3D was directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, late ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau’s son, and Jean-Jacques Mantello, who filmed the documentary over three years from Fiji to the Bahamas, according to

The documentary will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival next month (May17).

“I am delighted to be narrating the first feature documentary directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau, a man that I have admired for years,” Schwarzenegger says. “He was an absolute jewel to work with and I love his enthusiasm. When I first saw the footage of this film, I was blown away and I immediately wanted to be involved.”

“From the very beginning, my wish was that the narrator of Wonders of the Sea 3D be profoundly connected to the environment, and we could not have better fulfilled that mission,” Cousteau adds.

Arnold and I share the same enthusiasm about what should be done to protect the ocean. I was impressed by his professionalism and how dedicated he proved to endow the film with his voice.”

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