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Arquette tweets apologies for candid Stern chat

The stars announced they had separated in a statement released on Monday (11Oct10) and the Scream actor phoned in to pal Howard Stern’s show to discuss the break-up of his 11-year union early on Tuesday.

During the phone interview, a clearly upset Arquette told the shock jock Cox had dumped him in June (10) after tiring of his immaturity.

He said, “After our 11th anniversary she gave me a motorcycle and said, ‘I don’t wanna be your mother anymore.’ I was like, ‘Alright, I get it.'”

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But many listeners felt Arquette went too far when he started discussing his sex life with Cox – and lack of it – live on air, stating, “We have not had sex in quite a while… like four months.”

He then confirmed rumours he had slept with brunette waitress Jasmine Waltz “once, maybe twice” since his split from Cox.

But the distressed actor is regretting being so open about his personal life on air – and he took to his Twitter.com blog on Wednesday (13Oct10) to offer his apologies to anyone he may have upset.

He writes, “Thank you all for your Love and support at this time. I’m trying figuring (sic) out how to be the best person I can be… but it’s been a process of trial and error. I went on Howard Stern yesterday to provide clarity and honesty about what I’m experiencing.

“But while doing that I shared too much… it’s alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled… Life is a process of spiritual evolution.”

And Arquette is hopeful his already-strained relationship with Cox will overcome the controversy: “I’m sure Courteney and myself will emerge from this painful time better people for what we’ve learned.”

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