Ashanti reflects on last texts from Nipsey Hussle


Ashanti has shared how slain rapper Nipsey Hussle showed his typically postive spirit in the final texts they exchanged.

The Foolish singer was a close friend and collaborator of the 33-year-old, who was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing store in Hyde Park, Los Angeles, on 31 March (19). And in an interview with Entertainment Tonight she recalled how, when an illness prevented her heading to the studio to work with him, Nipsey sent her a string of texts full of helpful advice.

“Nip was always helpful. It’s funny because I was looking at some of the last texts that we had, and I was recording at his studio and was like, ‘Nip, I don’t think I’m gong to make it tonight. I have allergies, I’m sneezing, I got a headache,’” she told Entertainment Tonight Live. “He was like, ‘Oh I got these herbs that are really good for you! I know where you can get some good stuff!’ And he was sending me links and like, ‘Sis, I got you, you gotta try this.’ And it just made me sad because he was such an amazing spirit. His heart was pure and he was always willing to help and always really positive.”

The Happy songstress, who attended the father-of-two’s funeral on 11 April, added that she was still a “little bit in disbelief” about his untimely death.

“Going to the funeral, I think it shocked me a little bit and it became a reality, seeing the casket on the stage,” she sighed. “It was like everyone stood back like, ‘This really happened,’ and it just shows you that life is so short and so precious”.

The 38-year-old added she will remember the rapper for the powerful messages of ownership he shared in the music community and beyond.

“One of his messages that was so powerful as an artist (was) owning your masters,” she said.

“Knowing about ownership. Not holding onto these contracts and signing things that you know nothing about.

“Just thinking outside the box and trying to come up with other ways to be an entrepreneur.”