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Ashley Greene sick of publicity-seeking boyfriends

The single actress, who has previously romanced pop singer Joe Jonas and Broadway star Reeve Carney, likes to keep her private life private and prefers to dodge the paparazzi by dining out at hole-in-the-wall restaurants rather than celebrity haunts.

But Greene admits it’s hard to meet men who feel the same way.

She tells Britain’s GQ magazine, “When I’m dating a guy and he says, ‘I don’t want press,’ and then says, ‘Let’s go to (Hollywood hotspot) Katana for dinner’, I’m like, ‘Really? You don’t want to just walk down the street to some dive? You don’t want to get photographed but you want to go to a place where you know there’s paparazzi?'”

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And the 25 year old confesses sometimes she considers moving back to her hometown in Florida, where things would be much more normal.

She adds, “Dating is a hard, hard thing when you have this job. Sometimes I wish I could just go back to Florida and, like, date my hometown boyfriend. It’s really frustrating whenever I can’t go and do something because I know it’s going to be on the internet.”

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