Ashton Kutcher’s Daughter Has A Filthy Mouth — & He Loves It!

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher’s daughter Wyatt is more potty-mouthed than potty-trained.

The No Strings Attached actor has revealed his daughter is expanding her vocabulary. However, it seems she’s picking up some naughty words along the way.

In a post on Instagram, Ashton shared a picture of himself smirking, alongside the caption: “When you (sic) 22 month old drops and f bomb and it is (not funny) except it’s really funny and you can’t laugh. #baddads #badmoms”. 

The 38-year-old referenced actress wife Mila Kunis’ new movie Bad Moms, and also dubbed himself a “bad dad” for laughing at his daughter’s naughty slip-up.

Mila, 32, also recently admitted that now Wyatt is talking more, she is starting to pick up on her bad habit of using curse words.

“It’s so hard,” the Black Swan actress admits. “I try to work on it daily and my daughter is at a place where she’ll mimic the words that I say, so it didn’t really matter up until, like, two months ago when I said a certain word and she said it back.”

However, when it comes to cussing, motivated by the message of her upcoming comedy movie Bad Moms, Mila is cutting herself some slack.

“I think we, as women, put too much pressure on ourselves to have everything and look a certain way and act a certain way and it’s impossible,” she asserts. “There’s no such thing as a perfect balance. I hope this movie, for lack of a better term, takes the p**s out of it.”