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Ashton Kutcher ‘upset’ with Laura Prepon over secret engagement news

Ashton Kutcher is upset he had to hear about his good friends Laura Prepon and Ben Foster’s engagement in the news.
The loved-up actors made their red carpet debut as a couple at The Girl On The Train premiere in New York City on Tuesday (04Oct16), when the 36-year-old Orange is the New Black star was spotted with a diamond sparkler on her left ring finger.
Laura, who has since confirmed she and Ben are to wed, was a guest on the New York-based talk show Live with Kelly! on Friday (07Oct16), when her former That ’70s Show co-star Ashton served as a special co-host, and during the episode’s opening segment, he jokingly ranted about not being informed of the happy news before it became public.
“I’m very upset with her right now,” said Kutcher, who is married to Mila Kunis, another castmate on That ’70s Show. “She just announced this engagement, I had to find out in the news and she’s my friend and it’s like, it’s weird like that! By the way, it’s not just a random engagement, it’s an engagement to another friend of mine. So I’m double upset that neither of them told me and I got off the plane in New York and I’m like, ‘What?'”
“And it’s weird too because Mila and I and Laura all used to hang out 20 years ago and when Mila and I got engaged, (Laura) was like, ‘What? This is crazy, you guys, it was like 20 years ago and you were friends and no one saw this coming, and now you’re engaged and I have to find out this way.’ They were friends 20 years ago, they’re all my friends, and everybody’s hooking up and it’s weird. (But Ben’s) a good dude, he’s a solid chap.”
After Ashton’s mini rant, Laura took to the stage for her interview and tried to jokingly calm her friend down by explaining she didn’t tell him about the engagement because she tries to keep her personal life private, insisting if anyone should understand, it would be him.
However, Ashton was not interested in her explanation and responded that friends include each other in their personal lives.
“I’ve been in prison, I have limited communication with people,” she quipped, jokingly referencing her hit Netflix show.

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