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Atkinson refuses to let crash stop him from driving sports car

The Johnny English star was left in agony when he fractured his shoulder after his McLaren F1 vehicle careered out of control and smashed into a tree as he drove through Cambridgeshire, England.

But the ordeal hasn’t killed Atkinson’s love of fast cars, and he can’t wait to drive the vehicle again.

He tells BBC Newsbeat, “It was a misjudgement and it was not a situation that one would wish to recreate in the future, but I’m fine… I think the car’s going to take a bit longer to mend than me but it will be mended, it will be back on the road again at some point.

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“I’ll certainly be driving the car again, it hasn’t put me off the car but you’ve got to learn your and your vehicle’s limitations, so I think it’s definitely a lesson learnt and I would hope to not be in the same situation (again).”

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