Australian actor may sue producers over “Sued God”

Australian writer-actor Patrick McCarville is considering suing the producers of The Man Who Sued God for relegating him to a small “based on an original idea by…” mention at the end of the film.

McCarville told the Sydney Daily Telegraph, “I was mortified and embarrassed when I went to see the movie with my wife, a friend and with the cast and crew. …I was promised I would be credited but when the movie came on there was no sign of my name up front.”

McCarville, a former NBC correspondent, said he had no complaint about the money he received for the rights to his story, which he had been trying to interest movie producers in for nearly 40 years. “Now I find myself relegated to underneath the carpenter and the cleaning lady [in the credits] and I feel pretty bad about it.”

The film, starring British comedian Billy Connolly and Australian actress Judy Davis, opened to critical acclaim in Australia last week.