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Autistic fan’s family considering legal action against R. Kelly

R. Kelly is facing legal action from the family of an autistic fan, who has accused the singer of mocking him.
The R&B star recently posted a now-deleted video of his meeting Lenny Felix as he was leaving a nightclub in Hollywood on Instagram. In the footage, Kelly reportedly asks Felix to sing his hit I Believe I Can Fly, before Kelly allegedly looks into the camera and mocks Felix by singing, “I believe that you high… smoking on that (painkiller) Percocet”, and then starts laughing with his friends.
Kelly has addressed the controversy, insisting he didn’t know Felix had autism and thought he had been drinking, but Lenny’s family does not feel the star is owning up to his behaviour.
“(He) would not take responsibility for disrespecting and getting a laugh at the expense of a sensitive young man who suffers from autism…,” Lenny’s uncle Scott Lettieri tells TMZ, accusing the singer of “shaming and bullying a sweet autistic young man…”
“We feel there is no recourse but to pursue legal action,” he adds.

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