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Backstreet Boy’s son opens up about Broadway debut

The son of Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell is thrilled to be making his Broadway debut at the age of 13.
Baylee Littrell, the only child of Brian and his wife Leighanne, got a taste for the stage at a young age as he was first brought out in front of the boyband’s concert audience at the age of four. He then went on to become an opening act for the group around nine years old.
He is now making his debut on the Broadway stage in two roles – he will be playing twins Ben and Lisa in the musical Disaster!, a spoof of 1970s disaster movies featuring classic songs from that era.
Baylee admits playing two roles in the same show is a challenge, but adds to the New York Post, “When I think about it, I accomplished something that not a lot of people get to achieve in their life… I’m still a little shocked. It still hasn’t come out of my mind yet.”
Baylee spent his childhood on a tour bus and found opening for the Backstreet Boys to be completely normal. Describing his earlier concert appearances, Leighanne says, “Baylee would do two songs… He would ride his scooter to the stage, sing, scoot out and go play basketball. It was totally normal for him: It’s just the way he grew up.”
Baylee’s only other stage experience is a production of musical Dear Edwina to a couple of hundred people when he was seven. Brian insists he and Leighanne did not push Baylee into performing and would have supported him regardless of his career path, but they are still proud of his role.
“I am extremely proud of our son’s Broadway debut and the young man he is becoming! Not only because of how talented he truly is, but for his work ethic as well,” Brian tells E! News. “Baylee has spent the majority of his life on the road which has proven to better prepare him for life both on and off the stage.”
The family have relocated from Atlanta, Georgia to New York for Baylee’s Broadway run.
Disaster! opens at the Nederlander Theatre on 8 March (16).

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