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Baldwin comes out for gay rights

Openly-gay actor Ferguson recorded his own internet promo this summer (10), in which he confessed to a crush on the 30 Rock star and bemoaned the law which forbids him from marrying his idol.

Baldwin has now stepped in front of the camera to record his response to Ferguson’s plea, joking that the only reason he is unable to exchange vows with the actor is because of the ban on same-sex marriages.

He says, “As a result of this video, a vast and malicious whisper campaign has emerged alleging that I can’t marry Jesse because I’m not gay. There is one reason and one reason only why I can’t marry Jesse in New York next year – the New York State Senate.”

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Baldwin urges viewers to join a campaign to help “remove from office those senators who stand in the way of equality,” and adds, “Because no one tells a New Yorker that they can’t marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson.”

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