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Baldwin eyes 30 Rock exit

Baldwin has played network executive Jack Donaghy since the TV comedy began in 2006 and has won several awards for the role, including two Emmys and four Screen Actors Guild trophies.

But he admits acting has become “really hard” for him – and he’s ready to give up his place in the cast when his contract ends in two years’ time.

He tells CNN, “As much as I like acting, I know that I would love to have a different life, a private life. I think doing this now for a living has become really hard. It’s really hard.

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“I would rather go do other things and have whatever amount of time I have left in my life, have more of a normal life… I want to find out if it’s possible. How close can I get.”

Baldwin made his announcement in the U.S. on Thursday (08Jul10) – the same day he was nominated for another Emmy for 30 Rock.

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