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Baldwin gives out flying advice after airline bust-up

The 30 Rock actor was famously booted from an American Airlines (AA) plane in December (11) after he disobeyed cabin crew’s orders to turn off his phone while he was playing a game.

The dispute sparked a war of words between Baldwin and AA staff, who wanted the actor banned from all of the company’s flights.

Baldwin made matters worse when he appeared on Saturday Night Live and made a mockery of the incident, and he has now called on fans to turn off their phones while flying to make sure they don’t suffer a similar experience.

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He tells CNN’s Piers Morgan, “My advice to people is, when you get on a plane, turn off your phone. Try with all your might and your strength and your resolve. You don’t want happening what happened to me… I was on a plane and then someone decided to impose all those rules and we were going to have a very Soviet level enforcement of the rules if you will, in an instant.

“It was done very brutally, this woman was very harsh and snappy. And I reacted badly to that. And I was very, very upset and was asked to get off the plane and get on another plane. And I’m aware that everybody thinks these rules when you’re on the ground, or especially at the gate, are stupid and inane, it’s still something you have to deal with. Just turn your phone off when you’re in-flight.”

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