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Baldwin offers love advice after overcoming marriage difficulties

The Backdraft star was left heartbroken last year (10) when singer/songwriter Phillips walked out on him after 15 years of marriage.

The couple’s relationship began to unravel in late 2009 as Phillips struggled to deal with her sister Mackenzie’s lurid revelations about her incestuous relationship with their father.

The singer, who was later admitted to rehab to deal with anxiety issues, filed legal papers to make their separation official, but called off the divorce proceedings just days later after reconciling with the actor.

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Baldwin claims he was always confident they would overcome their problems, but he knows other couples aren’t so lucky – and he insists a marriage won’t last if both parties expect love to forever be the same as it was during their honeymoon period.

He says, “When you’re both in your 40s and been together for 20 years, look out because… you have to be prepared for (problems). The whole house of cards teetered last year and I was just very secure, I knew that things were gonna work out, because I knew once she figured out I was the ally and not the adversary we were gonna be OK.

“People have to understand when you’re together for 12, 15 years that love at 18 years doesn’t feel the same as love at 18 months, and just because it feels different doesn’t mean that something’s wrong, just because it doesn feel like it did 20 years ago. It just means that you’re developing, you’re on a different journey; you’re evolving, you’re on a different path – you should be threatened by that.”

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