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Banks directs short film for heart disease campaign

The actress recently signed on to star in Go Red For Women’s short film Just a Little Heart Attack, in which she portrays a mother so focused on meeting the daily demands of her family, she ignores the signs of an imminent heart attack.

And new mum Banks hopes the project will serve as a reminder to women to slow down and be wary of their own health.

She tells Parade.com, “I thought it was a really strong idea that would appeal to women and be a great way to get the message out. We spoke to a very prominent female cardiac surgeon who said that she very rarely performs open-heart surgery on women because they don’t make it to the table. I found that very fascinating.

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“We take care of everyone in our lives except for ourselves. I found that to be true in my own life. I think it’s just a quality that women all share – a little mothering quality that we all have.

“We literally do so many things before we get to our health. I just wanted to draw attention to that and make women think a little bit about taking care of themselves first.”

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