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Banks makes directorial debut with modelling mini-movie

The former supermodel has branched out into business, creating a TV empire with her worldwide hit reality show America’s Next Top Model and her own talk show, as well as being an accomplished photographer.

And she can now add director to her resume – on an upcoming episode of her model hunt, Banks will make and edit an “over-the-top Italian drama” to showcase the remaining beauties in the current season of the competition.

Banks admits learning about moviemaking was a challenge.

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She tells People.com, “A lot of designers and people in the fashion industry are feeling like the future of fashion is not just still photos, but they’ve been doing mini-movies where the models are acting things out.

“Photography has been my own personal hobby for the last eight years, so I was ready for movement. But it was so hard. It was 100 degrees and the girls were really struggling with the heat. But when I got to editing, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I love this!'”

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