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Barry White’s son sues father’s widow over will payments

Barry White’s son Darryl White is suing his father’s estate and widow Glodean White.
Darryl, who is on the verge of becoming homeless, claims he was cheated out of his share of the singer’s will and denied the money he was promised by Glodean.
According to TMZ sources, Darryl, who is also a musician, is currently living in poverty and unable to support himself. He is alleging that Glodean did not let him view the Grammy-winning legend’s trust fund after his death in 2003 and instead distributed monthly payments to him as she saw fit. She reportedly stopped making payments in September, 2015.
In the suit, Darryl accuses Glodean of using the soul sensation’s money to support her lavish lifestyle. He is demanding the chance to look through his father’s will, so he can readjust the amount he is owed.

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