Bebe Rexha turned to Katy Perry over troll troubles

Bebe Rexha has thanked Katy Perry for helping her deal with online trolls.
The Meant To Be singer admits she let Internet bullies get to her and felt “depressed” after reading their nasty comments about her, so she reached out to tour mate Katy for help and advice.
“I’ve had days where I’ve read one bad comment and it would ruin my whole day,” Bebe tells The Sun newspaper. “I’ve had days where I’ve been really depressed and stressed out and sad because it really f**ks with you. I went on tour with Katy, we were in Brazil and I read a bad tweet that day and I was really bummed out.
“She was like, ‘Do not read those tweets because it’s only going to bring you down. You could read 1,000 good ones and you read one bad and it ruins your whole day’.”
Bebe heeded her friend’s advice and now she tunes out social media babble.