Bella Hadid struggles with role model status


Bella Hadid often struggles to deal with her role model status while growing up in the spotlight.

The Los Angeles-born model is one of the hottest names in fashion, having recently been starred in campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Dior Beauty.

Rising to international fame and boasting a large social media following has brought with it a certain level of expectation though, which Bella sometimes finds difficult to understand.

“It’s crazy because even the people that look up to me are older than me. I’m still growing, and that’s the hardest part, because if you’re in the spotlight you’re immediately an adult,” she told Refinery29. “It’s hard. The things I’d do is the same s**t other 20-year-olds in college would do, but it’s different for me because people are watching.”

Bella adds she strives to be professional in her work life, and hopes to be a fashion figure young women look up to. And the 20-year-old relies on the support of her friends and own women in her own family, including mother Yolanda Hadid and older sister Gigi Hadid.

“That’s how I unwind. I’ll come home with all my luggage, and my girlfriends are usually already at my apartment waiting for me, and we sit and watch movies and order in. I just like being as normal as I can possibly be with my girlfriends,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Bella has been busy promoting her partnership with Nike the last couple of days. The brunette beauty was tapped as a brand ambassador for the American sportswear giant late last year (16), and has since been fronting the campaign for Cortez shoes, which celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2017.

“What’s so dope about these shoes is that they’re so versatile. You can style them with a T-shirt and Levi’s and you look like you’re fresh out of the ’90s,” she smiled. “They elevate everything, it’s such an iconic shoe.”

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