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Ben Whishaw struggled with gadget lines in Skyfall

The Brit admits playing the geeky Quartermaster who helps 007 navigate his hi-tech espionage tools proved to be daunting as he doesn’t even own a computer in real life.

He tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “It was such fun for me to play an expert in an area where I’m completely not an expert. I’m really hopeless with technology – I don’t even have a computer. But I had to reel off all this technological information as if it were second nature. It’s great to play someone who has this mysterious understanding of things that are so complex.”

Whishaw knew he was in for a challenge after his overwhelming first scene, which he shot with Daniel Craig in a London museum in the middle of the night.

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He adds, “It was very weird. It was my first ever scene in my first ever Bond film, and it was happening at three in the morning in the National Gallery. I didn’t know what was going on. As Q, you have all these complex names to recite. I can learn Shakespeare easily enough, but trying to say some of Q’s lines in the early hours of the morning was very tough indeed. I still remember going up to (director) Sam (Mendes) at five in the morning feeling like my eyeballs were falling out. I just put my hand on his shoulders and said, ‘Help me!'”

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