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Benedict Cumberbatch and Gillian Anderson sponsor refugees

Celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch and Gillian Anderson have pledged to sponsor lone child refugees living in camps in Calais, France.
The stars, plus Jude Law, Dominic West and Brian Eno, have signed onto a buddy system to help and support a child residing in the so-called “Jungle” camp without its parents.
As part of the scheme, they have promised to visit their sponsored child in Calais and their families in the U.K., help cover their costs and speak on their behalf.
They said in a statement, “We are each buddying with one unaccompanied minor to ensure that they receive the humanitarian support they need and to personally insist that both governments honour their obligations to these children.”
The scheme has been organised by Citizens UK and other charities which have identified children with a legal right to reunite with their loved ones in the U.K.
“It is unacceptable that they are left in danger and distress for administrative convenience,” they continue. “The system established to reunite these families must either be set aside, or made to work as a matter of extreme urgency.”
French authorities have begun demolishing the site and there are fears the unaccompanied kids could be lost during the eviction process.
Cumberbatch and Law recently signed an open letter calling on British Prime Minister David Cameron to save the lone migrant children. In the letter, they wrote, “This is a humanitarian crisis that needs to be acknowledged as such and it is imperative that we do everything we can to help these innocent and highly vulnerable refugees, especially the minors, as swiftly as is humanly possible.”
Law also paid a visit to the migrant camp in February (16) with Toby Jones and musician Tom Odell to campaign against the site’s demolition. They performed a series of readings in a makeshift theatre.

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