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Berenice Marlohe blasted Bassey to get into character as Bond babe Severine

The actress admits music often helps her get into character and she found the perfect soundtrack to her Bond movie experience in Welsh star Bassey, who famously belted out classic film theme Goldfinger.

Marlohe tells WENN, “I always felt connected with the music on Bond movies. I used a lot of music too, like Shirley Bassey, who, for me, is the ultimate Bond girl. She has such a huge presence and powerful voice, so sexy and beautiful so I listened to her a lot on the set.”

And the sexy actress admits she also used Greek mythology to create Severine: “When I think about a Bond girl I immediately think of a strange animal between a male and a female (sic), something powerful. I took my inspiration from a Greek creature called the Chimera, which is a mix of a dragon and a snake. I based my inspiration on that.”

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Marlohe is still coming to terms with the fact she’s the new Bond girl – and she admits it may take years for it all to sink in.

She adds, “I’m not quite realising it that I am in the movie but in five years I’ll just have distance enough that I belong to a Bond movie (sic).”

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